Dow Hill Haunted House – Spirits of Kurseong

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Books often inspire my travel plans and that’s exactly what happened with Kurseong. Shweta Taneja’s detective novel for children, titled ‘THE GHOST HUNTERS OF KURSEONG’ is exactly what 14-year old me would have lapped up. This ‘Three Investigators’ type of novel, set in West Bengal follows the exploits of three kids who are pitted against an Iyer ghost in a small hill station.

Chat up with any of the locals in Kurseong, and soon you may hear a host of ghoulish stories – almost as if the entire town is a haunted one. Victoria Boys High School, on Dow Hill, is the most talked of haunted spot.

Walking up to the boarding school, we experienced a decidedly strange air – the place seemed desolate, sad and overflowing with energies. It has a huge playground overlooking the valley. We spotted a few locals chopping wood on a huge cut tree, which conjured up images of all the horror films, set in such atmosphere. Next to the school is the famous haunted bungalow/chapel.

This 100-year-old building, the oldest in Kurseong they say, is now closed. It has all the elements of a classic Haunted House – run down structure, creepy trees around, doors almost falling down, paint peeling off rusted windows and roof, things written and scratched off, and a small chink in the door. I peeped in to see a church kind of hall with plastic chairs and tables set up in a strange manner in front of an altar. Brick in the wall, anyone?

Locals have heard footsteps, echoes, and a spooky laughter when the school is closed or after sunset.  Many have also sighted a headless schoolboy standing by the windows or wandering around the Dow Hill road. The forests of Dow Hill are also haunted. You are warned not to venture after sunset. In these forests, visitors have often felt a spirit watching and following them. It is said that the spirit continues to follow some people home, eventually driving them mad.

Contact ‘Systematic Paranormal Investigation and Research Team,’ a Kolkata-based organization, for one of their unique Ghost trips to Dow Hill. This team of professionals “explore and study the realm of the anomalous phenomenon systematically and without bias or prejudice to gain an increased knowledge and gather empirical evidence for own interest.”

Are there really spirits cursing this quaint hill station? Or, are these sightings the result of suggestive folklores?

Take a trip to Kurseong and find out for yourself.



Photographs by Lens Dynamic.





36 thoughts on “Dow Hill Haunted House – Spirits of Kurseong

    1. Its an interesting place to visit, Ruchie. I’m scared of horror movies, but love visiting such old, haunted places.


  1. Good collation of all the ghostly places. Honestly I had very little idea about such haunted place of North Bengal. Now your posts makes me feel like visit and learn more about them. Good one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Puja its an interesting place. I have heard many of my Bengali friends talk of encounters with spirits.
      In fact, even Tagore is said to have used planchette and medium to talk to his demised relatives.


  2. In July, I made a trip to Kalimpong and visited another famous spooky place in North Bengal- The Morgan House. I’ve heard so many horror-stories spun around Dow Hill that now it’s on my bucket-list. Loved your post. Very well-written.


    1. Thanks, Jheelam 🙂 … Morgan House sounds so interesting. Somehow, most of my Bengali friends have such stories … find it fascinating.


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