Kimansion Inn-Kochi

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Kimansion made for a near perfect New Year stay for us, a few years ago. The 100 year old bungalow (a British one) is turned into a bed and breakfast. There are several rooms, each differently shaped and with its own antique furniture and coir carpets that tickled our toes. The super-high ceilings and four poster beds made for fun evenings in the room. We felt like we were on a period film set. There’s also several balconies with cane chairs that overlook the vintage neighboring houses and the Arabian Sea at a distance.

The wooden staircase added to the charm, and whenever we went up and down, to fetch water or a book from the vintage chests, the whole building reverberated in the heavy sound of footsteps, like a living creature. The house rightfully felt like from an age where there were no cellphones, TV or other such contrivances.

The house has a single caretaker Harish. He had a lot of tips on everything from food, travel and nearby places and their history. And, in the mornings, he turned chef making omelettes and toasts for all the guests. And if you don’t like eggs or banana, then God save you.

What charmed me the most is the sparseness – with just one caretaker – and the restrained renovations. It felt more like staying in a government guest house or at someone’s home.


50 thoughts on “Kimansion Inn-Kochi

  1. Will look it up whenever we visit Kochi. Looks like a charming place. Though I love high rated hotels and all the comfort and paraphernalia that comes with it, I would love to stay in an old bungalow like this to experience some old world charm.

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    1. Yes, after a while, the silence and the charm of the place just makes you forget everything. Kochi is full of cafes … so evening walk will fix the wifi craving 🙂


  2. I have read about these old bungalows being converted into bed and breakfast. Somewhere in Dehradun or Shimla my parents had stayed in one such place. Their experience was awesome as well. Ands the old world charm they bring!

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    1. Yes, it can be a tightrope.. sacrificing the heritage and historical significance for commercial gains. But most of the ones that I have been to have helped retain the old world charm. It gives us a window to get a glimpse of how life would have been in these opulent and lavish houses and palaces and be imagine Kings and Queens just for one day. 🙂

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