32 thoughts on “Nothing Like School Memories

  1. Lovely illustrations as always, Seema! Even without an accompanying story, they can hold on their own and narrate an equally powerful story! Have neither stayed in a boarding school nor studied in a hill station, but have heard such charming stories about them.


    1. Thanks, so much. I’m really happy that you liked the illustrations.

      Even I’ve never stayed in a hill station or boarding school – but i’ve so many such stories (Enid Blytons) and heard from friends, that i’m much fascinated by it.

      My school was a no-nonsense, simple Convent school sans any of the mystery.

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    1. Wow Surbhi, I feel so happy when reading your encouraging words. Its my dream to write an illustrated coffee table book on travel 🙂


  2. I, on the other hand am waiting to see your work in book form. I cannot draw lines but admire all of you who can. Illustrations give life to stories. You are making places alive for us 🙂 – Best wishes

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  3. Nice account of school memories, and the stories associated with it are beautifully recreated from memory in images. I guess such growing up experiences leave an indelible impression on one’s mind, and become a reference point for us later in life. For me, schools don’t particularly bring such vivid memories, however stories and experiences and words still echo in my mind.

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  4. So many rumors and ghost tales. This is one of the totally different reason to like the school. You have done a great job bringing Deepti feelings in through sketches 🙂


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