Rainy Days in Oceangreen Kannur

Day 18 (R) ~ #BlogchatterA2Z

All artwork is done by Seema Misra, Copyright Lonely Canopy.

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Rain reminds me of Kerala. Lush coconut trees, pathways filled with water, everywhere you see there is water and more water.

We visited Oceangreen Homestay to experience the onset of Monsoons last year. Although everyone cautioned against it, the heart wants what the heart wants. The house is located near Adikadalayi village, Kannur. It is a typical Kerala style house –  red-tiled roofs, red floors, relaxing arm chairs in the balcony, and fragrance of coconut oil in the kitchen courtyard. Nestled in a coconut grove, this house seems straight out of a Anitha Nair novel, maybe Alphabet Soup for Lovers. 

“This is the world. Half of it is lit by the sun and the other half remains in darkness. It is the same with life. There is good and bad and it’s our duty to remain in the light, be good.” 
― Anita Nair, Ladies Coupe

Additionally, the home stay has a unique fish pond in the courtyard with a kitchen garden above it on an iron platform. The water from the fish pond is pumped to the garden where it is filtered through the soil and sent back to the pond. This acts as a fertilization and water filtration mechanism. I was thrilled to see such a nice green initiative in a place which as it is gets water and nature in all its abundance.

The home stay offers very basic but clean rooms. The central court yard has a table and some books that travelers have left behind. Our favorite corner was the spread out balcony – we would lounge there and watch the rain pour down over the garden plants and the coconut grove.

Beautiful beach – I can’t believe you are all mine!

The sea is a mere 50 meters away. As you walk through the coconut grove in front of the house, you come upon a scenic estuary with a bridge over it. After a short walk and climb over a stone embankment – you discover an endless stretch of sand and azure sky.  All day long, the beach remains deserted. Once we saw a lone fisherman who braved the rain. In the evenings, some village lads play football in the beach. It presents a postcard image.

The sea is at times violent, given the monsoon season. The pristine white shore with some picturesque rock formations in the distance is perfect for long walks. Sitting and watching this marvel at play is any sea lover’s delight. Spending that monsoon at  Oceangreen Home stay is a fond memory for me, like biting into a slice of raw mango – scintillating, thrilling and sheer delight to the senses.

Luscious vegetable stalls – overflowing with abundance

The sound of useless rain in the desolate courtyard

Makes me more alone

If you were here, if you were only here

My blood cries out to you all night in vain

As sleepless as the rain.

Sara Teasdale

Rocky coastline
Aquaponics a form of sustainable agriculture that uses fish waste as a fertilizer for plants. It mimics nature along every waterway present on earth.
“Every night there is something to ruminate on. The vagrant mind knows no boundaries. It leaps” 
― Anita Nair, Goodnight and God Bless

59 thoughts on “Rainy Days in Oceangreen Kannur

    1. Thanks, Ashwini 🙂

      I keep trying different art styles and am still searching for that one style which will identify me! Usually all artists have a signature style. I think being an writer, you can understand my dilemma.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a brilliant article..the green initiative that you mentioned, the beach next to the house and the relaxing ambiance that you described…oh so lovely! do give the website or whatever contact for the homestay. would love to explore!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, for visiting. Yes, all the art work is mine 🙂 Do check out the other posts when you have time 🙂

      The monsoon was simply magnificent. Sitting on beach, watching the clouds float in and break into heavy rain with the waves washing your feet …
      Its heaven.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I truly adore these paintings.the sketches.
    I have never been to Kerala, once we had planned a family outing but had to cancel it the last moment due to some other obligations. I so much wish to go to Kerala, Kannur and Kochi especially. Also the hills and the sea and the temples. Udupi. Waynad. I so much also want to see elephants adorned for procession during the festival, that went by recently….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those water colours in blue were like an oasis in the middle of the dessert, especially when the sun is shining away in full glory! I have been to some fascinating places but never been able to describe them so romantically like you.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Such a lovely post Seema thank you. Descriptive and lyrical. I love the rain too … it softens everything when It’s not too severe. Your paintings and sketches are a delight. Interesting also about fish waste being used as fertiliser in aquaponics ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Susan, you’ve described rain so well in a few words. I enjoy the monsoon. Glad you liked the art.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  5. Relaxing in the solitude of lush green valleys, the blue waters of the alluring vast sea and rains pouring down in the limitless horizon, what else one would need, and that too, in the God’s own country! Your paintings speak volumes. That’s awesome Seema.


  6. I grew up in Kerala till I was around 13 and the monsoons were an inseparable part of our routine lives . Alas ! That was an age when the sky high buildings and concrete jungles I saw in pictures were more alluring .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha … yah 13 is a young age to yearn for rain and secluded places.

      When I first came to Bangalore to study, I was fascinated with Malls and Pubs and Cafes …
      Now, I can’t wait to escape these very same things!


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