Interview with Romila, an Award-winning Writer, and Veteran Blogger

About Romila

Romila is a lover of literature who is passionate about books, writing is her forte. She is an impulsive poetess and a coffee addict. She loves coloring and music. Born, brought up and educated in Delhi, at the moment she lives in Hyderabad with her parents.

She is an award-winning Writer, famous veteran Blogger, Author of 4 EBooks, Editor of lifestyle e-zine, and a Columnist who has been in the literary ring since 1996. she’s authored the following eBooks:

  • My writing Workshop (2016)
  • The Three Flowers (2017)
  • Between The Pages (2017)
  • Midnight Musings (2018)

She blogs at Novemberschild.

An interesting interview and some candid answers

I had the opportunity of chatting with Romila over Skype and getting to know more about this upcoming Poetess and her writing process. There’s also some fun questions and interesting facts about her latest book, Midnight Musings.

  1. I have to ask, why did you choose the name ‘Novemberschild’?

Novemberschild is not my pen name. It is my username/identity I have on Twitter. I am November born and I feel everyone has a child hidden in him/her despite the age he/she turns into. It was in November 2015 this name happened. I blog with this name, my blog is named as Novemberschild, though offline articles and the books are on my real name. Ever since I tasted the literary (eBooks) success, I have become more real on Social Media.

  1. What inspired you to start writing?

I started writing at the age of 13 in the year 1996 for my school magazine as I was approached by my Hindi teacher Mrs. Rashmi Srivastava who saw the writer in me. I was hesitant as I had never written a single word before that because I was always a reader, but she encouraged and helped me. My first piece was in Hindi on the topic Unemployment which was approved and published and after that my mother discovered a prospective writer in me and she pushed me towards writing and today I have 22 years of experience. From school magazines to local newspapers to national magazines to websites to blogs to famous publications, I have written for all.

  1. Can you share your experiences while writing ‘ Midnight Musings’? What was the most challenging bit?

All the haiku’s I wrote happened between 12am -2am. I write during nights. Every poem has a story behind it. It took me more than 62 nights to write them and all these nights have been special for me. The most challenging bit was handling Haiku with alphabets Q-X-Z. As always self-brainstorming session helped me crack that challenge.

  1. ‘Midnight Musings’ is the fourth eBook you have published. What have you done differently in your fourth book, compared to the first one?

My debut book – My writing workshop – dedicated to my first WordPress blog came out in May 2016. It is non-fiction, a collection of my thoughts on many topics/subjects. It was successful. Multi-faceted topics served as an open window of my reflections, right from Jagjit Singh to writing during the night, poetry, books and my craving for ice cream. My 4th eBook – Midnight Musings is my 2nd poetry attempt. I am happy to call myself a successful poetess. I experimented Haiku and I am happy with the result. My first eBook was nonfiction and the present one is poetry. I wrote haiku because I love noticing what’s going on around me and within me. I feel each day offers gifts of insight and moments worthy of contemplation which I tried to bring it alive through my poems.

  1. Do you have any specific writing routines?

Writing is a part of my everyday life and I write every day. Though I have no fixed time for writing, it is a must for me. I am not and I can never be lazy when it comes to writing. Sometimes it so happens that I get a good idea to write about something, but I feel like “let me think more about it.” There is a very good chance that I don’t get the same ideas again which I got then. So I just jot down whenever I feel like writing or when I get some thoughts.  I have a habit of writing in advance; I very rarely do any on the spot writing. I don’t believe in deadlines, I am always before the date. I take small breaks in between writing so that I get refreshed with better ideas.

And now the fun round!

  1. Name one book you will save in a fire?

Divine Comedy by Dante Aligheri

  1. If you could have one superpower what would you choose?

Instantly learn any concept or skill

  1. Name a novel for which you want to rewrite the ending?

Inferno by Dan Brown

  1. Who is the first literary character you fell in love with?

Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice.

  1. Which do you prefer – books or blogs?


  1. Are you a sports or a music person?


  1. What’s your comfort food?

Coffee and Biryani

  1. Which song/genre/playlist would be perfect for reading ‘My Midnight Musings’?

Instrumental by Kenny G.

  1. If at gun point, what would you choose – prose or poetry?


  1. Which is the one book you hated? Enough to leave it unread or want to destroy it?

Shiva Trilogy by Amish

11. If you built a themed hotel, what would the theme would you choose?

Romantic vintage theme

12. What seemingly innocent question makes you think “It’s a trap!”?

Can I DM you?

7 thoughts on “Interview with Romila, an Award-winning Writer, and Veteran Blogger

      1. First interview? It has come out well.
        If you don’t mind, can I make a suggestion?
        It would look better if the questions are in italics, and the answers are in straight font. I know many templates for quotations are in italics.
        My suggestion is based on studies on typography that say that straight fonts are easier to read compared to italics fonts. And when there are multiple sentences in italics, the paragraph becomes a little hard on the eye. Questions are shorter than answers, so italics would be fine for questions.

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        1. I don’t mind at all. In fact i’m glad you pointed out the readability issue. I had used the WordPress quote tag and italics. Not the best for reading. I have fixed it now.
          Truly appreciate the feedback.


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