Urban Sketching – Bible Society Heritage Building, Bangalore

Bible Society Heritage Building
Watercolor on A4 size handmade paper.

Urban sketching at MG Road, near the Bible Society building … one of the things I love and look forward to every weekend. I have always loved this vintage stone building on MG Road and so was quite glad when a change plans led us to sketch this.

The History of the Bible Society Heritage Building

The Bible Society of India is a Christian body that is authorized to translate, produce, distribute and market the Bible. The institute aims to translate the Bible into various Indian languages. The Society was set up in Bengaluru around 1825.

This heritage building was built in 1912, in Tudor style, and was similar to BRV Theatre on Cubbon Road. The building belonged to the Bangalore Tract and Book Society which was the auxiliary to the London Religious Tract Society. The purpose of the organization was to prepare and circulate Christian tracts and school books as well as stationery for schools, according to their official report.

The Bible Society section was originally Blighty’s Tea Room, a recreational establishment for the Cantonment’s elite.

Post-independence, it became the Tract and Book Society and changed many hands since. At one point, it was an HMV music store and at another, a pub called 180 Proof. Today, it houses the Hard Rock Cafe. Though the building has been occupied by various tenants over the years, the Bible Society is the constant.





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