Coffee: A lasting and evolving bond

Coffee caresses the throat and sets everything in motion: ideas rush forth like the battalions of a great army on the battlefield.


As I sit at Starbucks for probably the 200th time on the 42nd Friday afternoon when I am supposed to be elsewhere, I reflect back on an obsession that goes back a few years. Coffee. Some people grow up to enjoy the finer nuances of life- literature, classical music, an ancient script, or a meal prepared from scratch inside a forest. I have had few of such fascinations, but one that has had a lasting and consistent character has been drinking and celebrating coffee. It is quite a simple thing if you look at it, in the end it is just a cup of coffee. You drink it down and move on with your day. Now if you have a tall cup of a Dark Roast Italian, and read these lines again, you may just want to contest that thought. And since I have had one, I will gladly contest it. Coffee is much more than just a cup of coffee.

It is much more than the science of diverse individual elements(geographical, elemental, chemical even) coming together in a perfect harmony. It is much more than an ode to world history, to civilizations being testament to a culture of appreciating a humble daily beverage. It is certainly much more than the long queues at a corner Starbucks.

Whenever I try to solve the coffee riddle, I get further entranced in its ‘dark’ web. So instead, I let it work on my senses like a seasoned magician, and give in to its fiendish schemes, hook line and sinker.

With these short musings, I hope to incite some coffee love in the brethren. Here’s to sleepy afternoons shaken up by a handful of roasted beans from across the world.


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