It is OK to Hibernate!

A loop of anxious and depressing thoughts

Sometimes I am caught in a loop of what-ifs and whys. A cocktail of worries, doubts, and fear that seem to overwhelm me. And the intensity of these feelings is uncomfortable, to say the least. And I just want to escape into my corner and numb myself to the world around me.

These are bad days.

And then I pick myself up, do something I like – take a walk, clean my home, brew a cup of tea, or doodle something – and slowly the cloud of thoughts lifts.

Over time, I’ve learned to stop beating myself up for going through these bouts.

Five Ways to Overcome Anxious and Depressive Thoughts

Take a few deep and slow breaths. You can breathe through anything. And, then try Debbie Hampton’s grounding technique which is very much rooted in Buddhist meditation techniques.

  1. Acknowledge five things you see around you in your immediate surroundings. Maybe it’s a book, a pen, or a spot on the wall.

  2. Acknowledge four things you can feel. This could be your bottom sitting on the chair, your feet resting on the floor, or glasses sitting on your nose.

  3. Acknowledge three things you hear. Remember, you want to turn your focus away from your thoughts. So, the sounds need to be external. For example, maybe you hear traffic in the background or the hum of the heat or air blowing or a bird chirping.

  4. Acknowledge two things you can smell. Does the air have a particular scent? Can you smell your shampoo or deodorant? If you can’t pick out a smell, you may want to go find one, like some scented soap or a piece of fruit.

  5. Acknowledge one thing you can taste. What does the inside of your mouth taste like? It might be coffee, lunch, or even the taste of your saliva.

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

6 thoughts on “It is OK to Hibernate!

  1. This is my Ah-ha! read of the day. Just what I’m feeling. I’ve been attempting to hibernate, but not with much success. Though the morning, hour long massage, was my “time-out” from the mundane rut of the day.

    I’ve just logged in to write a few lines on my blog. Maybe this will be my redemption, or not! Ha! :))

    Love the sketches, Seema, and they resonate my being.

    And yes, loved these five tips. Just followed them through and feeling liberated. Thank you for such a sunny post.


  2. Hey Natasha,

    I know those days when you just want that little bit of space. I’m constantly trying to manage my moods and anxieties and these are things that have helped me. Coming out and sharing them now days 🙂

    Glad it helped you.


  3. A beautiful post. Such days are so common. You suggested very important techniques that will bring mind to present and free of anxiety, albeit for a while.


  4. You seems to have a deep-rooted connection with sketches. I liked this post ans visited some of your urban sketching projects as well.
    Anxiety is the by products of today’s lifestyle and modified food products and habits … I guess. Liked the easy steps to keep it at an arms length.
    Keep sketching.. keep blogging
    Good Day!


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