Pondicherry- Conversations with the Sea


I want the ocean breeze to wash over me and set me free…

Waves splashing and rollicking, spraying their energy all over me.

If only I could absorb it all…


And these rocks, taking a hit every other second…

Resigned to their fate, enjoying the bittersweet ritual.

Are there waves inside of me, rising and ebbing?

Am I the rock, am I the wave?


There is a strange music to it all, a strange rhythm

I mute the sounds for a moment,

And pine to hear the traces of that rhythm inside me.



Feeling at peace in this sun-kissed moment,

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours

The mighty waves can be my friend all day, and still not quench my sense of wonder

The grandeur doesn’t feel imposing, I feel at home.

There’s nothing that I would trade this time with.


Is there anything that the sea can’t fix?

Is there harmony to be found in conflict?

The salty breeze triggers a world of thoughts

My mind runs in a million directions at once, then comes back to the all-pervasive hum.

Like a seasoned magician it works its magic on my drifting senses,

Thoughts come and go as they please, much like the mighty waves..












The sea, the sun, the breeze, my thoughts, all coexist in this accidental chorus.

I’ve left a part of me in the quiet afternoons of Pondicherry.






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