Travel sketching for children

Breaking the object into smaller shapes

For example, you are looking at a majestic British building and your daughter is stumped where to start drawing it. Ask, “What does the building look like? Do you see a rectangle with a triangle on top? Do the windows remind you of a shape?

Travel sketching
Travel sketching

Have fun with colors and collage. The above sketch always takes me back to the greenery of a tea estate.

Focus on the process, not the outcome

Even if a child fails to color inside the lines or draws a circle which is more of an oval, it is absolutely fine. Encourage the children to experiment with colors and shapes – give them the tools to draw but don’t tell them what to draw.

Making sketching fun during travel

Engage with your little storyteller and ask her to describe the picture to you. Who knows she might have an interesting tale behind the picture and the colors used.

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Last but not least, don’t forget to complement the little Picasos. It would be great if you could mention specifics, like “Wow, I love the way you have drawn that leaf.”

Do you find the thought of “Travel Sketch Journal” inspiring? Don’t wait for the next vacation to start travel sketching! Visit a park or museum this weekend, carry some sandwiches and try out your art kit!

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