Seema Misra


Since the crayon ridden days of childhood, art has been my peace and share of heaven. I am happiest travelling, with my sketchbook, colors, and some books to keep me company.

During the day I have a regular IT job, as an Information Developer. At all other times, I can be found woolgathering.

Contact me for freelance projects and commissioned art work

  • Traditional paintings (watercolor, acrylic, and oil)
  • Personalized gifts (Journals, handmade cards, gifts, miniature books, and stationery)
  • Digital art
  • Posters, logo design, brochure, menu design, and social media posts
  • Social media marketing and content development
  • Conducting art and craft classes and workshops
  • Murals and wall art


  • To view my resume, focusing on Technical Documentation, click here
  • To view my resume, focusing on Art and Design, click here.