Your Guide to Kalpa: Nothing to See and Everything to Experience

“Why did we come to Kalpa? There is nothing to see here.” – A frustrated backpacker I met in Kalpa market. Kalpa is a sleepy little village a few kilometers above Reckong Peo, the administrative center of Kinnaur valley. Peo has a major bus depot that provides connectivity to Spiti, Kinnaur, Manali, and Delhi. TravelersContinue reading “Your Guide to Kalpa: Nothing to See and Everything to Experience”

Gokarna Beach Trek – With Plan The Unplanned

Treks in India bring to mind snowy cliffs and deodar flanked paths of the Himalayas or the dense mountain peaks of Western Ghats. Which is why the Gokarna Beach trek (or hike if you are a purist) is a delightful surprise. The trail is along the coastline over rocky hills giving way to beautiful coconut treeContinue reading “Gokarna Beach Trek – With Plan The Unplanned”

Travel sketching for children

Encourage children to draw from their observation. Drawing from observation simply means drawing what you see. And, it is the essence of travel sketching. View this post on Instagram Urban sketching workshop with children for #republicday2019 fair. @urbansketchers @uskbengaluru #urbansketchers #urbansketch #usk #uskbengaluru #urbansketching #lonelycanopyart #childrensartwork #childrensartclasses #watercolorpainting #penandwashpainting #saturdaymood #republicdayevent #artistsofinstagram #indiansketchers #joyofpainting #creativelifeContinue reading “Travel sketching for children”

Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: Tropicals

When you start out with watercolors and are new to plein air or outdoor painting, the first question you have is which colors to use. In India, the most common colors are Camlin Artists Watercolors. However, I’d suggest buying a watercolor pan with richer pigments. Description of Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: Tropicals Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections:Continue reading “Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: Tropicals”

Offbeat Yelagiri

Have you ever come across a small hill station, charming because of its very nondescript nature, where life follows an age-old rhythm unaffected by the modern pace of life? A few decades ago, Yelagiri was one such hill close to the Bangalore. Today, over 60 resorts and guest houses have sprung up in this 30Continue reading “Offbeat Yelagiri”