Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Urban Sketching

Travel Sketching is not only relaxing and rewarding but also an awesome family activity during travels. In this blog post learn about what to put in a travel sketch kit, awesome travel sketching techniques for beginners and tricks to encourage kids to begin their journey of travel sketching. Why create your own travel sketchbook? Pausing to see the delicateContinue reading “Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Urban Sketching”

St. Anne Church, Olaulim, Goa

St. Anne church is a hidden gem in the quiet Olaulim village. We found it while riding around Pomburpa village, during our stay at the Loja. In the evening, churchgoers gather here for mass. The rest of the day, the Church stands quietly. Witnessing life passing by for the last 266 years or so. The gentle sway ofContinue reading “St. Anne Church, Olaulim, Goa”