Lonely Canopy

Lonely Canopy – Taking you to a magical, secluded place under a green canopy.

Lonely is defined as “sad because one has no friends or company.” It has another meaning as well, referring to “(a place) unfrequented and remote.” It is this remoteness that I am constantly in search of – within and without – a mind at peace with itself and a place, set among nature, which is secluded and quiet. Stumbling into a pocket of stillness is a most joyful experience.

Lonely Canopy art and writing strives to evoke a feeling of peace, calmness, and seeks to refresh the reader. It aims, through diverse thoughts, ruminations and works of art, to evoke a sense of joy.

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Contact Lonely Canopy for freelance projects and commissioned art work


  • Traditional paintings (watercolor, acrylic, and oil)
  • Personalized gifts (Journals, handmade cards, gifts, miniature books, and stationery)
  • Digital art
  • Posters, logo design, brochure, menu design, and social media posts
  • Content solutions
  • Social media marketing and content development
  • Illustrated travel writing
  • Conducting art and craft classes and workshops
  • Murals and wall art


  • SEO writing
  • Travel writing
  • Editing